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SiteWeb is a leading internet marketing and website design company based in the Vaal Triangle & Cape Town. Founded in 2007, SiteWeb has built a strong reputation over the years by helping numerous companies to obtain new websites, and also to achieve a great online presence & success.

Getting a new website is only the beginning – Our online marketing efforts include a range of different services, all working together to get the desired results for your company. Once a company has an adequate online presence, it is easier for clients to find your business when looking for your services on search engines like Google.


Why SiteWeb?

Siteweb is not a one man show. We have the knowledge, experience as well as a dedicated team to help you get to where you want to be! SiteWeb comprises of a tight knit team, where each team member performs an essential role to achieve client satisfaction, including website design, internet and content marketing as well as social media services. Our professional and friendly team aims to help your business achieve results.

At SiteWeb we are insanely proud of our portfolio, which boasts many happy online marketing and website design clients in the Vaal Triangle, Johannesburg and as far as Namibia and Korchula Island (Croatia).

See why we are the leading website design company in the Vaal Triangle (Vanderbijlpark, Vereeniging, Sasolburg):

Siteweb’s Team

SiteWeb’s team consists of a small group of vibrant members, each playing an essential role in our website design company’s success. We like to believe that a successful business begins in the office – by combining our diverse strengths and talents, our hearts beat as one when it comes to our valuable clients. Meet our professional, experienced, crazy coffee-loving team below!


Friedel Coetsee

Position: The BOSS

About the Boss: Friedel is the brains behind SiteWeb Online Marketing, and it is NO coincidence the name Friedel rhymes with Google (well sort of). If Google didn’t invent Google, Friedel would have.

Hobbies: Friedel enjoys surfing the net, and “googling” our client’s keywords when no-one is looking. He is also a cake-addict, currently struggling with this addiction as cake is a regular snack at SiteWeb. Friedel takes quick 40km jogs during lunch time to stay in shape.

Favourite part of the day: Braai-time

Favourite saying: Vi-seker!


Lérie Coetsee

Position: Wife Boss

About Lérie: Lérie is the glue that holds the team together, and is a mother to all at SiteWeb. Whether you need an ear that will listen to your problems, need some honest advice or you simply forgot your lunch bag at home – Lérie will always know what to do.

Responsibilities: Lérie’s responsibilities include keeping up the office moral, seeing that everything gets done right, and being the right-hand to the boss.

Strengths: You won’t find a more dedicated and compassionate woman than Lérie Coetsee!

Weakness: Buy her a Crazy Latté from Brew Coffee Shop, and you will be in her good books forever!


Zeandre West

Position: What doesn’t Zeandre do at SiteWeb? Zeandre is the glue that holds SiteWeb together.

Strength: Anything and everything about websites and Google

Weakness: Being put on hold / Cupcakes

Favourite food: Food

Hobbies and about: Zeandre enjoys long walks to the fridge and eating. He frequently tries new hairstyles, loves the smell of a new (or used) computer and secretly believes in unicorns.

Favourite Movie: Wreck it Ralph and Grease

Motto: Whatever.


Belinda Botha

Position: Copywriter and Cupcake Expert

Strength: By using her online dictionary Belinda has a way with words that will make anyone’s heart pump custard.

Weakness: She has to start her day with Chocolate milk, or else the spelling mistakes take over.

Hobbies: Belinda enjoys online shopping, whether it is for the latest Zando dress or a new lens for her camera. Luckily she is very good at saving enough money in just a few days to spoil herself often. When she is not in the kitchen icing cupcakes, she attends photo school where she is mastering the art of taking your picture without you even knowing it. (Stalker-alert)

Belinda believes: That no one should have to endure a full day at the office.


Roelene Taljaard

Position: Creator of Websites

About Roelene: Roela, as we like to call her, is the ultimate of multi-taskers. Juggling her work like a pro, no ball will be dropped when in her capable hands (as long as we keep the coffee coming). As the mother of a busy toddler, Roelene has the energy and positivity needed to work at Siteweb.

Strength: Roelene is a kind soul, and will enchant you with her smile and sweetness. Roelene believes that you can achieve anything with kindness and love.

Weakness: No signs of weakness could be detected as of yet, but we will keep you posted.

Motto: No mission is impossible – just leave it to Roela!


Bonéta van Staden

Position: Website designer-ess

About Bonéta: Bonéta loves to create all kinds of beautiful things, including state-of-the-art websites. When she is not hand-painting a teacup or something of the sorts, she is turning our clients’ dreams into a reality… Leave your website ideas in her capable hands, and she will turn it into something amazing for sure!

Strength: Bonéta is an avid runner, so don’t get caught in a race with this lady!

Weakness: She cannot work, sleep or breathe without… coffee.

Motto: When life gives you lemons, chuck them and make a fresh cup of java!


Rachel van Wyk

Position: Siteweb Minister of Finance

About Rachel: {Pronounced “rah-SHELL”} Rachel’s responsibilities include seeing that all is well in our finance department, and that the Boss makes it to all his meetings on time. Her fun and loving personality will brighten up your day, as long as your payments are up to date…

Strength: Rachel is cool, calm and collected, just the traits we need to handle our debtors!

Weakness: Shoes and anything Bling…

Motto: Life isn’t perfect, but your hair sure can be!

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