Content Marketing

What is Content Marketing?

We offer SEO friendly copywriting services as part of your online marketing strategy.

  • The most successful websites are the ones where good content is added regularly.
  • It not only ads valuable, keyword rich content to your website, but also content that can be used for social media.
  • Start today and keep going. Never stop adding valuable content to your online platforms.

Content marketing is a very strategic marketing approach entailing the distribution of valuable, rich and regular content in order to attract a targeted audience to your business – ultimately to get more customers to purchase your products and services.

Content is created with a certain intention in mind, which will then draw a very specific audience to your website. This is achieved by communicating to your audience and supplying them with information they would deem valuable, without directly selling your products or services.

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The Benefits of Content Marketing

By incorporating content marketing into your marketing mix you can increase your brand visibility, sales and profitability and realize many of the following benefits:

Distributing your content on various social media sites will encourage conversation about your content and will support any “word of mouth” strategy that your business has.

Good information encourages people to link to your content, thus creating increased referral visitors to your website.

Good content can generate many referral links which improves your Google rankings and in turn increases your number of site visitors and online brand visibility.

Good content reduces your need to use paid search advertising as you will continue to attract more qualified visitor traffic, instead of continually having to pay to keep getting more visitors.

Creating Valuable Content

If you ever wonder whether the content you are generating is valuable to current and prospective clients, answer the following question on their behalf: What’s In It For Me (WIIFM)?

Valuable and rich content should also be sharable on different social media platforms, as this will entice your readers to share the content, increasing your awareness. By sharing your content on social media platforms, you will automatically be opening the opportunity for communication about your products and brand, and this is what you want – people to talk about your business and offerings right?

Top 10 Most Popular Content Marketing Tactics



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